“We hired Mr. Foley after our first lawyer failed us through and through. We needed a miracle and Mr. Foley was up for the challenge. Although the odds were against us every step of the way he stood by my brothers side no matter what!! He gave us his advice and was extremely professional. My brother ultimately made his decision to go to trial. Mr. Foley put his best foot forward and fought for my brothers freedom. He was thorough, clear, and very intelligent. I am proud to say my brother won his trial and is a free man. I will forever be thankful for Mr. Foley and his team. I would also say I would use him again in the future, just hope I never have too!”

“Spouse was erroneously charged with battery on a person over 65, which is a felony charge. Mr. Foley expertly advised us how to handle the situation, and represented us, which led to the dropping of the charge and case was closed. I would recommend his legal services to anyone. He did an excellent job in ascertaining the circumstances of the arrest, and followed up with precise, timely, and correct advice in order to have the charge dropped. Very happy with everything he did to get the proper result.”

“Choosing the right lawyer is a difficult decision. I wanted to find a lawyer, who won’t be promising me things just to get my money, but who would actually fight for my son. I chose Mr. Foley after learning that he is a former FBI agent and prosecutor, and after talking to him about my son’s case. He was very knowledgeable, straight-forward honest and very professional. He developed a good strategy and quickly identified weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that I would have never known or thought about. He was able to use them as a leverage while defending my son. His experience and professionalism resulted in a positive outcome, and I thank Mr. Foley for all he did for my son and our family. I believe he is an awesome lawyer and will help in any way he can.”